New Burningmoore Incident Video Clips

The guys over at had a chance to interview Geoff where he talks in depth about his new movie “The Burningmoore Incident”, as well as the upcoming Queensrÿche album. You can hear to the interview in Episode 342 of the Talking Metal podcast at

Three new film clips from “The Burningmoore Incident” have also appeared on YouTube including an accounting of the 2005 Parrish family murders by Homicide Detective, Bruce Hallenbach that can be found at

There is also some amateur footage taken on the night of the March, 2010 incident at and a new teaser/trailer can be found at  Watch for the close up of Geoff and his sinister stare as he butchers someone at the end of the trailer!

[youtube width=”570″ height=”320″][/youtube]

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[youtube width=”570″ height=”320″][/youtube]

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